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Keep people safe with Park-San

Park-San car park sanitiser products are easy to install and use.

We produce them in-house to your design and deliver quickly – so you enhance your brand while improving hygiene.

keep your customers safe

Why Park-San

With the pandemic increasing focus on hygiene and queues growing due to social distancing, Park-San products help you keep your customers safe – and your car parks open.

With our Hand Wipe Station and Hand San Station, wipes and sanitiser are readily available. And with our Fast San Solution products, your machines are cleaned to a high standard – protecting your customers and staff.

You therefore have an easy way to boost confidence and safety in the current climate.

The Park-San Product Range

The Park-San range meets all your car park sanitiser needs.

  • Hand Wipe Stations are free-standing with a solid base – and you can feature your own branding with long-lasting graphics. They hold packs of 120 wipes and are easy to replenish.
  • Hand San Stations safely and easily dispense sanitiser. They’re also free-standing with a solid base, and can be branded with weather-proof graphics. Stations hold 5-litre bottles – enough for over 1,500 uses – and can be refilled fast.
  • Fast San Solution is a quick, effective way to sanitise equipment in your car park. It has a long hose that dispenses a fine mist, quickly and easily covering all touchpoints. Best of all, it doesn’t need external power, so it’s convenient to use across your site.


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keep customers safe
& car parks open