Wheel Stops

The Signmark E-Guard package is designed to help partners investing into EV charge structures meet health and safety requirements when installing electric vehicle charging points, and ensuring that it is sufficiently protected following installation. We offer a range of safety equipment and accessories which can be used to keep your charging point accessible and secure for users. Parking stops or wheel stops are available in conjunction with stainless steel bollards, thermoplastic ground prints, signposts or our standard and custom EV signage.

Wheel Stops

What are Parking Stops?

Wheel stops, also known as parking stops, are a long-lasting high-density rubber alternative to concrete curb stops. They are installed to protect buildings and other structures from damage through accidental vehicular impact. While concrete parking stops are popular choice, their tendency to deteriorate over time can lead to higher maintenance costs than with rubber. Rubber wheel stops are conveniently lightweight and can be purchased in a variety of sizes depending on your requirements. They can also be fixed to both tarmac and concrete surfaces, with a fairly simple installation process. Another key feature of Signmark parking stops are the brightly coloured strips, which ensures that the product is visible in even dimly lit settings or during adverse weather conditions. Being a rubber construction, the design allows for vehicles to make contact with the stops without causing any damage and often provide a good guide for drivers, letting them know when to stop when reversing. This makes a really good option to use along with our bollard protection, or in some scenarios instead of.

Benefits of Wheel Stops

Precise parking. Appropriate placement of parking stoppers can help guide drivers, while ensuring that they don’t park too close to the kerb or pavement. It can also prevent accidental collisions with other vehicles. Visibility. Brightly coloured stripes allow the parking stops to remain visible 24/7. Long lasting. High-density rubber does not deteriorate easily, therefore requiring little to no maintenance. It won’t chip, corrode, crack, crumble or require paint upkeep. The product is also impervious to sunlight and will not fade over time. Easy installation. Parking stops are relatively quick to install, with use of minimum tools. Cost Efficient. As they are composed of rubber, wheel stops are fairly inexpensive. Remember, repairing a damaged EV charging point can be far more costly than investing in a preventative measure! For more of our E-Guard package equipment, take a look at our pages on Parking Stops and Hoop Bollards.

Why Choose Signmark?

As leading signage manufacturers for the UK, we at Signmark have years of experience in providing completely bespoke services for thousands of customers from all over the country. Although we specialise in supplying our products to the demolition, construction and civil engineering industries, we also can provide signs for any business with our custom text and bespoke signage production. We understand that dealing with third party suppliers can often be frustrating, with delays in delivery and occasionally damaged goods. Signmark directly delivers to companies, cutting out the need for a middle man. We also provide a fast, reliable delivery service with an additional same-day delivery option. The E-Guard package is designed specifically for businesses who are looking to accommodate electric vehicles. With more people switching to electric than ever before, there is an increased demand for EV charging points. As these points often require several components when installing, we have put together a customisable package which will keep you from having to order all the parts separately. If you would like to hear more about our E-Guard packages or to discuss your Wheel Stop specifications, contact us today.