Thermoplastic Line Marking

As a part of Signmark E-Guard package, we offer a range of accessories and safety equipment that can be used to increase the visibility of EV chargers and maintain security while charging. Thermoplastic ground prints are available in conjunction with our standard or custom EV signage.

What is Thermoplastic?

Thermoplastics are plastic polymers, which make them an incredibly versatile material and therefore used in a variety of industries. Simply speaking, thermoplastic materials are capable of undergoing heating and cooling several times without their properties being altered. Because thermoplastics can be moulded into any shape, they can be made into a variety of products, including plastic water bottles, children’s toys, medical equipment, cookware and for road marking. Thermoplastic ground prints are frequently used in car parks, playgrounds, schools and in innumerable other locations. For road surface markings, thermoplastic road paints are a popular option because of its long-lasting and bright properties. However, to make the line marking process easier, tapes are readily available to be applied with the use of a Thermoplastic Gas Torch. Our thermo plastic ground prints can be designed and used in conjunction with the relevant signage to brand your EV space and reduce ICE-ing issues where non-EV cars use EV charge spaces. One of the biggest ICE-ing causes is drivers simply not realising what the space should be used for, or not realising the space is only for EV’s. This causes a bad experience for EV drivers who arrive needing to charge their car, but are prevented from doing so. Having a well branded EV space ensures that ICE drivers don’t park in ignorance, and these spaces can be enforced if ICE vehicles are found parked in the spaces. If the space is bland or not well branded, with correct signage etc, enforcing spaces is very difficult to implement, and ICE-ing issues tend to increase.

Thermoplastic Line Marking

Benefits of Thermoplastic Line Marking

Precise application. As thermoplastic tape requires heat to bind with your flooring, you can easily adjust the line to ensure it is straight before application. Anti-Skid. The addition of glass beads to the tape ensure that vehicles and people do not slip on your lines during wet or cold weather. Visibility. Thermoplastic line marking is purposefully designed to maintain visibility at all times of the day. Bright floor signage is particularly necessary for people who may have a vision impairment. Although they may not be driving, it is imperative to make sure charging points are easily identifiable. Long lasting. With a quick curing time, you can have ground markings that last for over five years while keeping your costs low. Ease of application. Thermoplastic tapes require minimal effort to install and can be easily applied with the use of a gas torch in all weather conditions. Please note that the product cannot be stored in temperatures below 10°C as the composition of the tape becomes brittle. For more of our E-Guard package equipment, take a look at our pages on Parking Stops and Hoop Bollards.

Thermoplastic Line Marking

Why Choose Signmark?

Signmark are UK’s industry leading manufacturers of site signage, based in Canterbury, Kent. We deliver our products directly to business based in the country, avoiding third party suppliers while keeping costs low. Our in-house production facilities allow us to complete orders at a fast pace, while creating signage that is completely custom to your business. Our E-Guard packages are designed with your requirements in mind. With consumers actively looking for energy efficient transport alternatives, the demand for electric cars has increased over the past few years, which in return has raised the need for Electric Vehicle Charging Points. We understand that optimising an existing parking space for a charging point can have its challenges, for which we can provide creative solutions through our completely bespoke services. In addition to our EV charging station packages, we offer a range of signages from site safety signs to traffic cone signs. Our business is based on ensuring the safety of people, whether they are members of the public or your employees. If you require a bespoke sign, we are able to design unique artwork based on your specifications. If you require more information on Thermoplastic Line Marking or would like to hear more about our E-Guard packages, contact us today.