Safety Signs Construction Or Roadwork Good Practice Considerations

Safety signs construction or roadwork considerations are an important part of the traffic management design process that site operators are required to meet by legislation. These regulations are set out in Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual and are applicable to construction and roadwork developments taking place across the whole of the UK (including Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland). While these regulations must be met, there are also many other good practice considerations that should be made by any site operator. We cover both the regulations, as well as good practice techniques, in this article.

As mentioned, any site designer should consult with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual before finalising any safety signs for construction and roadworks. This includes all of the things that a designer needs to know to ensure that sites operate to the minimum standard of health and safety expected. But the application is also an important part of the regulation process. So workers need to ensure that signs are secured by sandbags, that signage clearly labels the owner of said signs, that these construction safety signs do not obscure drivers, and that signage is recovered at the end of the operation.

Good practice also dictates that every site is double checked to ensure that the right signage has been placed. With so many signs needing to be set up on larger sites, it's not impossible for similar signage to be mixed up and for drivers and/or pedestrians to be fed incorrect information. The signage must also be appropriately placed. While a designer may take such considerations into account, there may be particular changes or peculiarities that crop up at the site's location that weren't there when the plan was put forward. Lastly, signs should be checked regularly to ensure they are clean and legible. Dirt and stones can be flung up by passing vehicles, which could damage or obscure the safety signs in construction and roadwork sites.

These are just a few of the legal requirements, as well as the good practices, that should permeate throughout any roadworks site, or construction site featuring roads, when it comes to safety construction signs. But one other consideration to keep in mind is that roadwork and construction signs for health and safety purposes need to be robust and of a high quality to deal with the British climate. At Signmark, that's exactly what we provide. To see our full range of signs, just visit, call 01227 833979, or contact our team via for a quote within one hour.