Safety Sign Boards For Construction Site: Industries That Need Them

Safety sign boards for construction site locations are a must for companies across a variety of industries. This is due to the fact that many businesses within industries that work in or around construction need to ensure that there are construction site signs in place to meet a high level of health & safety standards. Cutting corners by not investing in signs is a bad idea, as it will only lead to the possibility of accidents on a site. And accidents on a site usually lead to site operators having to pay a large amount of money in compensation to the victim(s) of these failings.

Not only that, but the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has fined companies hundreds of thousands of pounds for health and safety failings – even when no injury has been caused to a person. So spending a comparatively small amount of money to secure construction signs is definitely worth it. Construction businesses are, of course, an obvious example of who should be using safety signs on construction site locations. However, the likes of demolition experts and, crucially, civil engineering companies should be using such signs too. This is particularly true of engineers performing roadworks.

This is because this is an industry where workers, heavy machinery, and the public, intersect in a very close manner due to roads being heavily populated by vehicles. In such instances, signs need to be clearly seen and identifiable to everyone in close proximity to roadworks. Because the vast majority of roadworks take place in unsheltered environments, these signs need to be durable and long lasting in the face of adverse weather conditions. At Signmark, that's exactly what we provide with our safety signs for construction site locations, and signs for roadworks. To find out more, visit us at, call us on 01227 833979 or email the team at