Road Sign Manufacturers UK Wide Versus Suppliers

Road sign manufacturers UK wide create the signs that are used in a permanent or temporary manner across the UK. As can be imagined, there is a big market for temporary road and traffic signs due to the amount of street roadworks that need to be performed across the country on an everyday basis. But over time, signs become damaged or obsolete, and civil engineering companies need to refresh their stocks with signs that are bright, clear and easily legible for health and safety purposes. However, road sign manufacturers aren't necessarily the only providers to end customers, as suppliers also offer signs direct to clients. But which is best for civil engineering or construction companies: manufacturer or supplier?

Well, a supplier is merely the provider of the end goods – in this case, roadwork and construction signs. This does not necessarily extend to manufacturing the goods; it just means selling them to an end user. On the other hand, a manufacturer can be both the creator and supplier of signs. So what makes one better than the other? On the one hand, a good supplier will know their market very well, and you are likely to get a good reliable service built on years of experience. But on the other hand, traffic sign posts manufacturers may also have that experience; and can also sell you signs at a far cheaper price. This becomes even more effective if you are buying signs in bulk.

Not only that, but traffic signal manufacturers will know their product inside out. While a supplier can only pass on what they were told by a manufacturer, you will get much more detailed answers about products directly from the manufacturer. Also, in circumstances where you seek custom signs for particular jobs or sites, suppliers will not be able to provide this service. However, the manufacturer will be able to create signs to specification and to suit the needs of their direct customers.

So it is clear that there are numerous benefits to securing a manufacturer as your supplier as opposed to the traditional intermediary supplier. Signmark are traffic sign manufacturers UK wide, and we sell directly to our customers. We can process a quote within one hour, and we can even have your order out to you during the same day. Not only that, but we can create custom sign template artwork within two hours of a request. To find out more, visit, call 01227 833979 or email