Road Sign Maker: What Types Of Signs Exist?

Road sign maker and sign manufacturers produce a wide variety of signs for all manner of businesses across the UK. However, as can be imagined, most of these signs are sought after by civil engineering, demolition, and construction companies – as well as transport authorities across the country. These signs all serve the same purpose (to impart information to drivers and passer-bys) but are put up for a variety of different reasons. In this short guide, we're going to detail the different types of signs that you will find on the road and their purposes.

Traffic sign maker manufacturers produce a variety of signs. Regulatory signs are used to provide information regarding any restrictions, prohibitions, and requirements – examples of which are 'give way' and 'stop' sign plates. Then there are warning signs, which are used to notify drivers of any potential hazards or dangers that lie ahead. Variable message signs are electronic signs that give drivers up-to-date information and are often seen above motorways (or giving drivers smiley faces for keeping under a speed limit). A rather large category of signs relates to traffic construction signs, which covers traffic management, and temporary diversions, and roadworks.

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