Hoop Barriers & Bollards

Protecting your EV charging point from accidental collisions is imperative to maintaining the safety of drivers, pedestrians and your premises. As a part of our E-Guard package, we are currently offering stainless steel protection bollards and hoop barriers in addition to essential regulatory equipment, such as EV signage.

Uses of Hoop Barriers & Bollards

Hoop Barriers and bollards are both generally used for commercial purposes. They are most frequently installed in car parks of schools, supermarkets and apartment buildings. Effective at restricting access and reducing vehicular impact, barriers are also ideal for protecting pedestrians from injuries from road accidents. According to information presented on the Gov.uk statistical release of reported road casualties in 2018, there were 25,484 severe casualties caused by road traffic accidents. This does not include the overall statistic of 160,378 total injuries for the year. With these statistics, it is easy to understand why the installation of preventative barriers can lessen the number of casualties caused by vehicles, while simultaneously blockading damage to your property. Hoop barriers are ideal for commercial and industrial use, and are commonly composed of steel or other strong materials so that the product can easily withstand high impact while maintaining its integrity. The use of bollards slightly differ as they are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. While hoop barriers are often larger and more visible, bollards can be sleek and installed as a more aesthetically pleasing option, which is just as effective in maintaining safety. Hoop bollards in particular, are great at protecting AC vehicle chargers and are widely implemented for chargers installed in commercial premises or car dealerships. They are a great way of protecting EV chargers whilst keeping your real looking creative and stand-out from a traditional straight bollard. We have both surface mount, root fix or retro-fitting options if required.

Hoop Bollard

Benefits of Installing Hoop Barriers & Bollards

Long lasting. Our barriers and bollards are created from top grade stainless steel, which can last for several years without requiring maintenance. Visibility. No matter which product you choose, you are guaranteed equipment that is brightly coloured and visible at all times of the day. Surface mounted & Root fixed. Surface mounted steel bollards can easily be installed and removed, leaving ground surfaces unharmed. The Root fix alternative is ideal for a more permanent solution. Flexible. Hoop barriers are excellent shock absorbers and are flexible to prevent a vehicle driving through. Aesthetically pleasing. We understand that installing hoop barriers may crowd up your available space, which is why we offer a less space-consuming alternative. Stainless steel bollards can be easily installed in the narrowest of parking spaces. Security. As well as keeping the public safe, your EV charging point will be kept secure from accidental and intentional damage, potentially saving you thousands in repairs. For more equipment from our E-Guard package, take a look at our pages on Thermoplastic Line Marking and Parking Stops.

Hoop Bollard

Why Choose Signmark?

Signmark are based in Canterbury, Kent and offer our services to businesses all around the UK. We are industry leading specialists in site signage, with our own in-house production facilities which allow us to offer a completely bespoke sign printing service. We also guarantee that we can design your artwork within 2 hours of your enquiry (within our contact hours). As we are manufacturers, there is no need for any third party involvement when you make your order. This means that you receive your signage faster, with reduced risk of delay or damage to your goods. Although we primarily supply to businesses in the demolition, civil service or construction industries, our talented team are able to design products that will suit any specifications you provide for us. Our E-Guard package is uniquely designed for every customer - we understand that everyone has different requirements, which we promise to accommodate the best we can! We want to make sure that you can complete your job quickly and effectively, while helping you create a charging point that is fully functional as well as secure. If you need more information about Signmark Steel Hoop Barriers or Bollards, contact us today.