EV Parking Signs

In 2019, there are an estimated 230,000 electric vehicles on the UK’s roads, which is set to increase significantly in the coming years. Therefore, it is important that EV road users have dedicated places to charge their vehicles. Our EV parking signs assist road users in identifying electric car charging points, keeping them clear for the vehicles that need them. Signmark offers electric vehicle charging signs individually, or as part of our E-Guard Packages. Get in touch, or browse our electric vehicle parking signs.

Why invest in Electric Vehicle Charging Signs?
Motorists are reluctant to switch to electric vehicles for several reasons. Potential EV Drivers’ decision to stay away from electric vehicles is down to worries regarding home charging, EV range, and general charge anxiety.  Not knowing where they can charge, how long they can charge for, and if a charging point will be available is a real roadblock for those still using fuelled vehicles. Increasing the number of dedicated electric vehicle spaces and accompanying EV charging signs will solve this problem.
Our EV parking signs ensure drivers can park closer to charging points. Having an EV charging space clearly defined enables EV drivers to locate charging spots quickly, whilst the clear design reduces the risk of any parking issues such as unauthorised parking and spaces becoming ICEd.
Electric vehicle charging signs also encourage road users to switch to more efficient vehicles. Locating a parking space can be extremely difficult, especially in urban areas. Having dedicated charging points reserves parking for electric car users, and almost guarantees them an ideal parking spot whilst using your premises. All our EV parking signs are laminated to guarantee up to 5 years use, and they can be easily configured for screw mounting for optimum functionality. 

About our Electric Vehicle Parking Signs

Getting the right bespoke signage design for your charge point will make them memorable and recognisable for EV drivers.  The more unique and functional the design, the more EV drivers will want to use another charger within your charge network to get the ease of use and reliability that it brings.  Your brand alignment and consistency will be valued by your customers. Our EV Parking signage is also:

  • Fully Customisable – Each EV charging point and EV charging sign can be fully customised in line with your business branding. This can include colours, your logo and more. Our efficient printing and finishing technology means that there are no extra costs for colour compared to blank and white designs.
  • Consistency – If you’re installing on multiple sites, electric vehicle charging signs and stations can be manufactured to ensure consistency, ensuring all your charging points are identical and in line with your brand image. We can also label larger deliveries in line with site plans to reduce installation time.
  • Reduces ‘Ice-ing Issues’ – Blocking access to charging stations is a common problem, particularly in areas with scarce parking facilities. Our electric vehicle parking signs increases awareness of these spaces and reduces the likelihood of issues occurring.
  • Flexibility and Speed – We have the capacity to provide solutions for your end-user requirements exactly when you need them, regardless of the size of your project.  With our in-house design teams and in-house production with the latest technology, we can quickly meet the specification of any business with speedy delivery.

EV Parking Signs & E-Guard Packages

When EV charge infrastructure is being installed, it is vital that clearly marked and branded, for a simple and hassle-free parking experience. This involves keeping spaces easy to use and in good working order.

We offer our electric vehicle parking signs are part of our E-guard packages. These packages can be made bespoke for your business, ensuring that each charging point is clear, safe and easy to identify. Clients can receive all the equipment they need directly from us in one package. Examples of requested accessories and equipment as part of an E-Guard package include bespoke or standard signage and fixing kit, parking stops, protection bollards, thermoplastic ground prints and more. You can view our E-Guard packages page for additional details.

We also offer all the accessories for EV parking sign installation.  We can offer a full turn-key solution which includes signposts, fixing and finishing kits for the full range of post diameters seen in car parks across the UK.  Our single source of supply streamlines your business operations.

Why Choose Signmark?

Signmark is one of the UK’s leading providers of EV parking signs, as well as bespoke signagesite safety signstraffic cone signs and more. We supply directly to the construction, civil engineering and demolition industries, meaning we have no intermediaries to drive up your signage costs. 

Based in Kent, we provide quality off-the-shelf signage that meets statutory requirements with CR1 regulation reflective faces on Zintec, recycled plastic or Endura panel. Our design team will work with you to ensure that the signs produced in the most cost-effective way and to reduce wastage, whilst upholding quality and ensuring your signs are compliant to your needs.

We guarantee quotes within an hour, and bespoke artwork within two hours, with same-day delivery on selected products. If you’re interested in purchasing our electric vehicle parking signs or electric vehicle charging signs, order online today or get in touch to discuss your signage requirements.