EV Charge Point Protection Products

In the past five years, the UK has seen a surge in demand for electric vehicles. This growth comes at little surprise, especially considering the increasing consciousness for rising pollution levels. From 2003, when just 3,500 new registrations of electric cars were made, the numbers have risen to over 246,000 by the end of October 2019. Along with this growth, there has been a huge increase in the amount of electric and hybrid models offered by many of the UK’s top vehicle manufacturers. As a result of this, there has also been an increased demand for public EV charging points, which has steadily improved as a result of government and private investments. From a mere few hundred EV charging points in 2011, the network of EV points has grown monumentally; reaching 10,000 locations with 16,000 charging devices and 27,000 connectors by November 2019. Considering these statistics, we understand that the rapid demand for the installation and maintenance of EV charging points may result in the need for adequate protection products to ensure that your investment remains secure. With Signmark EV charge point protection range, you can find a variety of safety equipment and accessories that align with your branding, while protecting your charge point from damage and keeping both drivers and pedestrians safe. To discuss your specific EV charging point protection requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

EV Charge Point

Which EV Charge Point Protection Products Do We Offer?

With the Sigmark E-Guard packages, you can purchase entirely customisable kits for electric charging stations. However, we also provide the option to purchase each accessory individually, so that you have the ability to pick and choose the equipment that is right for you. Our EV charge point protection products include:

Thermoplastic ground prints. This form of plastic polymer is capable of binding to surfaces through the application of heat to form highly visible marks or signs. Available in a variety of colours, thermoplastic tape is an essential addition to any electric vehicle charge point to increase visibility and reduce any issues with ICE- ing.

Wheel stops. A high-density rubber alternative to standard concrete kerb stops, wheel stops are incredibly durable and an essential accessory to an EV charge point. Easy to install and a cost-efficient option, our parking stops are visible all day round and can help guide drivers away from your EV point, therefore reducing the risk of accidental damage or injury.

Stainless steel parking bollards. A stylish and non-intrusive addition to your charge point, steel parking bollards can directly prevent cars from crashing into your unit. They also can help increase drivers’ awareness of your electric vehicle parking space, therefore allowing you to direct them safely while drawing attention to the area.

Hoop barriers & bollards. Essential for restricting access to certain areas or protecting valuable products, hoop barriers can help you save a lot of money on reparations to your electric vehicle charging point if an accident were to occur. Composed of steel, hoop barriers can withstand high impact collision while maintaining its integrity. Bollards are a sleeker option and can secure the entire perimeter of your EV point.

EV parking signs. Our customisable EV parking signs can be printed with everything from your company’s logo to addition of specific regulations relevant to your location or region. Displaying signs visibly is a sure-fire method of ensuring that drivers are able to view all the necessary information pertaining to your EV charging point. If you require specialist equipment that isn’t mentioned above, please contact our team and we will do the best we can to source any additional accessories or kit.

EV Charge Point

Why Choose Signmark?

One of the UK’s leading providers of signage and protective equipment for the construction, demolition and civil engineering industries, Signmark offer a range of off the shelf and bespoke signage solutions for commercial or private applications. As manufacturers, we are capable of providing you with a direct service while cutting out third party involvement, therefore saving you time on delivery, while offering an opportunity of purchasing a variety of products from one reliable source. We guarantee that all of our electric vehicle charging protection products are manufactured and supplied in accordance to government regulations. Signmark offers the perfect charging solutions with premium quality materials to ensure that your valuable investment is sufficiently secured from vandalism, collision or any other accidental incidents. You can order an individual item separately directly from our website, or contact us to speak to the Signmark team about our EV charge point protection products.