Construction Site Safety Signs: Examples Of Signs Needed

Construction site safety signs are a vital part of any professional construction site. Construction signs serve the purpose of warning not just workers of any health & safety considerations or hazards, but also the general public and any other parties who may attend a construction site. These signs can also impart vital information to workers, ensuring that procedures are being correctly observed at all times. So we're going to cover some of the most common examples of signs that should be found on every construction site in the UK.

First of all, there are signs that act as reminders to construction site visitors and workers regarding their clothing. These are amongst the most important construction site signs – such as those reminding that hard hats, Hi-Vis clothing and safety footwear should be worn. Then there are construction site health and safety signs that warn those on site about hazards such as 'Danger: Keep Out' and 'Danger: Excavations'. Finally, there are signs relating to access. This can be to limit certain workers and visitors to one area of a site (e.g. 'No Unauthorised Entry'), but it can also relate to pedestrian and road traffic too. This includes the likes of 'Site Entrance', 'Diversion' and reminders to workers regarding where pedestrians are likely to be found.

These are just a few examples of what construction health and safety signs should be in place at a construction site. Every piece of relevant information should be given to anyone working on a site, or any pedestrian who may be in or around the site. To ensure that this information is given and clearly seen, you need effective, robust signs that cannot be missed. With Signmark, that's exactly what you will get. We manufacture our own signs to a high quality and can even deliver them within the day of your order. For more on our services, please visit, call us on 01227 833979 or email for a quick quote.