Construction Area Sign Preparations For Roadworks

Construction area sign preparations for roadworks are a vital element of health and safety precautions that all businesses involved in roadworks must adhere to under UK guidelines from the Department of Transport (DoT). The legislation that covers this area of work is the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, as well as Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual produced by the DoT. It's important for any site operators to brush up on this legislation and this code of practice before planning and utilising any roadwork ahead or under construction sign solutions.

However, there is more to consider than just the legislation and guidelines. Any good project involving roadworks should also include adherence to any local authority particularities. For example, licensing procedures, deadline compliance, notice of dates of work, and payment of fees. Also, a detailed plan of traffic and pedestrian management – featuring sign placement for vehicles, pedestrians, and workers – should be created. Not only should signs be procured in advance of the work, but the likes of roadside barriers and frames for signs should also be purchased so that the roadwork and construction work signs can be placed on them.

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