1. 2m Avalon Barrier Panel

    2m Avalon Barrier Panel

    Incl. Tax: £39.42 Excl. Tax: £32.85
    Connect together to create strong surrounds. Supplied with standard feet. The Avalon® is our most versatile and popular safety barrier. It is compliant with Chapter 8 legislation and suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor pedestrian applications. Common uses include Construction, Excavation, Street Works, Events and Utilities sites. Learn More
  2. 2m Navigator Barrier Panel

    2m Navigator Barrier Panel

    Incl. Tax: £33.30 Excl. Tax: £27.75
    The Navigator® is a blow moulded high density polyethylene barrier that has been developed for attended and unattended street work. This is a cost effective solution to ensure safety by segregating hazards and areas that could potentially cause a danger. Learn More
  3. 4 Sided Safegate Barrier

    4 Sided Safegate Barrier

    Incl. Tax: £82.20 Excl. Tax: £68.50
    750cm (w) x 1m (h). Folds out to provide instant restriction and protection. Learn More
  4. Battery for cone light

    Battery for cone light

    Incl. Tax: £4.74 Excl. Tax: £3.95
    Battery for the Microlite flashing beacon Learn More
  5. Cone Light

    Cone Light

    Incl. Tax: £9.54 Excl. Tax: £7.95
    Flashing Lamp for mounting on traffic cones ***Battery not included, please order separately*** Learn More
  6. JSP Titan Expander Barrier 3m Red and White

    JSP Titan Expander Barrier 3m Red and White

    Incl. Tax: £153.00 Excl. Tax: £127.50
    An expandable barrier upto 3.1m in length. Ideal to restrict access to an area. Flexible size for many situations. Expanding action gives user length flexibility fixed-length barriers systems do not have. When closed the Titan® Expander Barrier is just 550mm which makes it extremely practical for transporting and carrying around. Overall weight of 10.5kg means it is light enough to handle with relative ease but stable enough to hold itself upright in windy conditions, rough ground or hustle and bustle from the public. Learn More
  7. Sandbag

    Sand bag

    Incl. Tax: £0.96 Excl. Tax: £0.80

    Woven polypropylene Sand bag - White 330x785mm


    Learn More